Friday, August 12, 2011

Sailing in San Francisco on the Adventure Cat, Catamaran

I enjoy my time close to home in the San Francisco bay region.  I appreciate that many people are coming inbound to see our local area.  I am grateful to be in a region like this – surrounded with so many things to do with all the beauty around us and pleasant weather.  

This is one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco.   I know this sounds like a Julie Andrews' Sound of Music cliche, it is fun to focus on my own favorite things.

A not-so-secret fun activity in San Francisco is sailing on the bay.  I have done several types - normal sightseeing cruises, yachts, canoes, and even had a chance to go on a private sailboat on the bay.  My favorite escapade on the water is to be on board a Catamaran. 

I found the Adventure Cat Sailing Charters (800) 498-4228, an excellent, affordable, up-close experience. You will go on board one of two catamarans and enjoy your escape from the real world for one and a half hours.  Without the crowds, you glide across the bay and see familiar sights in a much different way.  Fort Baker, Alcatraz and Angel Islands, views of the city, and activities on the bay.  And, the crew loves kids on board.

I enjoy the fact there are no lines to stand in before getting on board. Advance reservations are necessary, when you arrive, just walk around behind Pier 39, past the other long bay cruise lines, to the Adventure Cat gate where you will be met by one of the personable, friendly crew.

Additional fun details may be found in my Adventure Cat article I wrote – and adult ticket prices on their website for day and evening sails - children tickets are less.

Call me, if you want to go ~ I am always up for an Adventure Cat sail!

Where would YOU like to go? ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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