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Sleeping Tips in Hotels

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Do You Sleep Well in Hotels?

My answer follows to one of the travel concerns people mention about how they are not able to sleep because of the external noise in hotels.  Now this may be from various reasons beyond a traveler’s control.  You are in an unfamiliar environment. There are several ways to overcome noise or sleepless nights as seen in the USA Travel Today video by Rolf Potts in 2010.

The one thing that I do is to turn on my external radio, located next to the bed. I like listening to jazz or instrumental stations. You may like other types of music.  I find this will rise above any other external noise.  Yet, I am able to wake up in case of emergencies that may happen and for my early morning wake up call when working on-site meetings. If I wear my iPod, there is always the possibility of over sleeping. 

Preparing the Bed for Travelers The Scott Resort & Spa 2009
Insider Tip: I also enjoy roasting marshmellows and eating s'mores along side fireplaces at the The Scott Resort.

My Favorite Resort Hotel

This brings memories to me of one of my favorite hotels that I stayed with a couple of years ago, the Scott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I discovered little thoughtful things I needed were already provided, like extra power outlets for my electronic toys located in the base of lamps. The flowing waterfalls were relaxing, and they happen to offset any conflicting noise throughout the resort (like lively group gatherings). And, it reminded me of my favorite by-the-water properties.  When my bed covers were turned down at night, my guest room attendant also turned on soft jazz music.  Of course the friendly and engaging staff of the resort was a bonus.  Simple tricks to enjoy your stay. 

View the USA Travel Today video by Rolf Potts and find more information.

What is your favorite tip for sleeping in hotels? 

Have a fantastic night's sleep!  ~ Exploring with the Fun Tour Guru 

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