Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Going on Vacation this Year? Plan and Research Now

Thoughts for today and fun Friday pictures  
Is it cool to darn socks?

Holes in Your Socks?

How many people actually know how to darn socks?  Do you take the time to mend them,  simply throw them out, or do you give them to good will?  Why not learn how to darn now?

In the business world and news, the current topic is still about the recession aftermath - economy and jobs.  What does this really mean to you?  Will you be affected with this?  Will you go on a personal vacation?

Think of traveling like darning your socks this year.  You will need to find a way to stretch your dollars to do what you want to do.

If you are searching for work, I do understand the challenging times you may face. Many times other people won't think about this as their friends may go through the situation.  They don't know what your actual situation may entail - and, it is unfortunate that they include you in things to do without thinking about your personal struggles, expecting you to keep up with them.  Even though you have an abundance of time, are you really even thinking about a vacation for yourself right now?

You should. Even if you may not be able to afford the trip right now, why not escape from the work search everyday and go to the library to do research on where you really want to go once you get the job?  Many libraries even have tapes and videos of international languages and customs that you may practice for free or at a low cost.

Personal vacations are time to get away, clear your mind, relax, and have some fun.  You can even have fun exploring the attractions close to home - places you never seem to have the time to explore while working. Its less crowded and a chance to get away from your busy thoughts.

Two things to remember are to be alert and plan carefully. Some things you may do now:

1.  Start to plan your future vacations in advance rotating periodically every six months – example is take a long vacation, and then take a short getaway.  When you are working or after you find work, set aside a $30 (or an amount correct for you) daily for your adventure.

2.  Travel to a local region or within USA.  Don't forget places like Glacier National Park and Alaska are always changing environments - take the time to see now.  They may not be as expensive as other regions.

3.  Solo travel is fun, yet not for everyone.  What group do you hang out with?  Fuel surcharges and hotel rooms may be expensive. Traveling with a group helps by splitting expenses between your friends.  You might find people in your book groups, knitting groups, lawn bowling group, Facebook group, family group – what groups are you active with?  Find out who might go with you and set aside dates now. Ask them to go for a coffee or ice cream with you.  Get acquainted with them before your trip.

I enjoy Guided Vacations because I want to let someone else manage the details for a change. The price seems high at first, think about what is included in this one price.  

4.  Since you have the time to research now, make a list of places in the region like deli’s and restaurants for meals, grocery stores, events. Find places to have picnics.  They are fun and not to expensive and you will enjoy the scenery.  

5.  Prepare for souvenirs now - organize your digital images, buy charms and make your own earrings, bracelets, and key chains.  They make great gifts - even send local region souvenirs to your family and friends in other regions.   

6.  If you want to travel internationally, remember to save now and pay cash as much as you can. Create a budget. Don't over charge your credit cards.

Your new vacation goals are important reasons to accelerate your job search (or to keep that job you have now).

Research your ideas now.  And remember to stretch those dollars you do have.   

Darning socks can be cool! Don't let one hole in your sock get you down right now.  

Make a Goal like:  Shopping in Switzerland 

 Schedule your vacation into your life plan ~ The Fun Tour Guru

(By the way, the above story comes from listening to many of the unemployed and underemployed stories still active around us. I hope to give them tips to help out.)
Sock image - courtesy of Microsoft Clipart

Friday, August 19, 2011

Round-About (Literally) in Santa Cruz, CA

Are we in London, England?  

Check out this new change locally, Round-About in Santa Cruz, on your way to the Beach Boardwalk and Wharf.  Sometimes we aren't privy to the local why's when they do things. You can tell there is significant traffic.  Does it help? Or do you get dizzy? Have you seen this? 

What about large tour motor-coaches? 
Welcome comments! 

There are lots of improvements just completed this summer - slow down, be careful, and enjoy! 

Keeping abreast the new changes in Northern California ~ The Fun Tour Guru

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sailing in San Francisco on the Adventure Cat, Catamaran

I seem to be isolated here in the San Francisco bay region without many trips afar this year.  I appreciate that many people are coming inbound to see our local area.  I am grateful to be in a region like this – surrounded with so many things to do with all the beauty around us and pleasant weather.  

Returning to San Francisco this week, I share one my favorite things to do.   I know this sounds like a Julie Andrews' Sound of Music cliche, it is fun to focus on some of my own favorites occasionally.

A not-so-secret fun activity in San Francisco is sailing on the bay.  I have done several types - normal sightseeing cruises, yachts, canoes, and even had a chance to go on a private sailboat on the bay.  Try this escapade on board a Catamaran. 

I found the Adventure Cat Sailing Charters (800) 498-4228, an excellent, inexpensive, up-close experience. You will go on board one of two catarmarans and enjoy your escape from the real world for one and a half hours.  Without the crowds, you will glide across the bay and see familiar sights in a much different way.  Fort Baker, Alcatraz and Angel Islands, views of the city, and activities on the bay.  And, the crew loves kids on board.

I enjoy the fact there are no lines to stand in before getting on board. Advance reservations are necessary, when you arrive, just walk around behind Pier 39, past the other long bay cruise lines, to the Adventure Cat gate where you will be met by one of the personable, friendly crew.

Additional fun details may be found in my Adventure Cat article I wrote – and adult ticket prices $35 (day) and $50 (evening sail) - children tickets are less. 

Call me, if you want to go ~ I am always up for an Adventure Cat sail!

Where would YOU like to go? ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Word Cloud Tools to Use With Our Blogs

What is the word theme throughout our blog? Share comments with us below or on facebook.

I indulged in this fabulous way to add some spice to blogs and websites. This word cloud was created by tool.  I found by reading this Small Business Trends article, A Creative Way to Reach Out to Bloggers.  

What do YOU think?