Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update: San Jose Convention Center Construction

Our San Jose Convention Center is open and operating, even under construction. 

Is this sign too large?

I really do commend our city leaders with their extra efforts to communicate temporary directions during the construction of our Convention Center - I did have an attendee ask this question.

I was asked this question, "is the sign too large," by a conference attendee last week when I was at a conference in downtown San Jose.  

I do admit, it was early in the morning, before the attendee had their coffee as they were walking across San Carlos street directly in front of the Convention Center. 


What do you think?  Do the signs blend and become a part of the painting on the building? Are you able to follow what this sign says on the front of the building? 

Good News for our San Jose Convention Center Construction Status

It is really great news that the first steel package arrived on July 2 which includes over 1951 tons, with the high roof trusses the longest at 150' spans.

And yes! The majority of the steel is from within USA:  Nucor Yamato's Blytheville, Arkansas mill with structural fabrication from San Bernardino Steel, New Millennium Building Systems and Star Seismic.

I found this website to follow the updates of the construction of our San Jose Convention Center and it has a picture preview of the new addition which is being added to the center.

Insider Information

Even with this nice large sign, rather than navigate through the center entrance, I always park my car in the parking lot adjacent to the Convention Center on Almaden St and use the entrance on the west side of the convention center. The Center does have a parking garage.  If you are walking to the Center, you may use either side entrance on Almaden or Market Streets. 

I have mentioned this before, we are fortunate Silicon Valley (south bay) actually has two convention centers to meet the needs of conferences and meetings in town – located in San Jose and Santa Clara.  

I have had guests get confused and arrive at the wrong convention center. Be sure to verify this!  

Both convention centers are connected by our Light Rail system – which runs through the cities of Mountain View, Santa Clara, Campbell, and South San Jose. You may switch from the Light Rail to Cal Train in Mountain View and go to San Francisco. And, don't forget if you are coming from Sacramento, to take the Capitol Corridor Intercity Rail Service train to San Jose. 

With latest updates from Silicon Valley ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

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