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Tourism Cares for Old Sacramento, CA: September 2012

Those of us who work in the Travel and Tour Industry have a way to give back and help save cultural and historic sites we are so passionate about through a non-profit organization, Tourism Cares, with the leadership of Bruce Beckham, Executive Director. These historic sites are important to all travelers to be able to see at all times.

Tourism Cares is not a new organization, there have been more than 2,000 volunteers donating over 20,000 hours across North America since 2003. This is our chance to 'unite and work together' from all local regions across USA; through volunteering ~ to support one region in the USA.

Old Sacramento 
Photography by Tom Myers
Courtesy of Sacramento CVB

Volunteers working from all different types of job interests including sales, marketing, administration, accounting, product managers, drivers, event coordinators, guides, event and meeting planners, IT professionals, customer service and tour directors for a variety of Travel Industry companies will convene in Old Sacramento and Fort Sutter on September 27 and 28 to help paint, landscape, and rebuild areas throughout this National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park located along the Sacramento River.  

Old Sacramento Waterfront, Courtesy of Sacramento CVB

Sacramento is an important influence in USA history and expansion of which each one of us can help support today. I am drawn to the words from the Tourism Cares website, “Restoring the Past, Preserving the Future” as the best description for the mission.

Stories that connects us across USA:
  • Discovery of gold at brought the greatest human migration in history
  • Pony Express trails, begins in Missouri and ends in California
  • The "Big Four" of western railroading (Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, Collis P. Huntington, and Charles Crocker) connects USA

The are many ways people in the Travel Industry might give back through this organization to support our national and state treasures:
  • Volunteer
  • Support the future education in the Tourism Industry through scholarships, grants, and internships
  • Donate
  • Be a sponsor

Meet you in Sacramento in September ~ The Fun Tour Guru

Please visit Tourism Cares website for more information about how you may help.

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