Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still Remembering Santa Cruz, CA: Just Because I Can

Santa Cruz is an escape for me and not a tourist destination.

It is a fun region where I go to explore all of the unfamiliar nooks and crannies that I can find. I have done this for ... well...let's say for many years.  (Remember, I am not a day over 39, and yes, I am borrowing this line from Jack Benny's famous joke).

On my last trip over to Santa Cruz at the end of March, I followed my own advice, and I stepped off my own beaten path or route of my favorite things to do.

On this day I found the streets congested with traffic as it was the Friday before Easter weekend.  I know this community grows beyond its 60,000 residents and happy to share with any of them their fun activities on days like this.  

I followed the local news stories of the passing of our two Santa Cruz police officers, and heros, and there is something which spoke to me this time.  I don't recall any incidents like this through the years I have been going to this small community of Santa Cruz.  I feel safe on these streets.  Even though I may not know everyone directly - I feel I am welcomed to stop to talk to  the locals.   

I saw reminders during this trip.  I took the time to stop at the Santa Cruz Police Department and found these reminders that are still being shared by the public in front.

Santa Cruz Police Dept Tribute

Flags were still lowered ...

Santa Cruz Police Department

Surfers Lighthouse

Would you, as a stranger who is unfamiliar of visiting this region, know what had happened and think to ask someone about this?

What made this trip so different for me this time?

"Remember, we only have today, tomorrow is not here, and yesterday is gone.  I believe we should enjoy every moment and experience that we can.  We have choices, I choose to be happy everyday," as spoken by Jean Jennings Bartik, Eniac Women Pioneer, at the Computer History Museum.

I will share later some of the other fun things I did it did, ~ The Fun Tour Guru


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