Saturday, April 19, 2014

Capitola CA: Hot Cross Buns at Easter (Includes History Too)

I find that I need to add at least one more hour to my route when driving to Monterey from Silicon Valley.  Why?

I love to take a rest stop from driving for a late breakfast or early lunch at Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola.  Every year at Easter time, I buy these delicious Hot Cross Buns. Of course these Buns are not on my healthy regimen, I still love to pick up these goodies to take with me for the rest of my trip. 

Hot Cross Buns at Easter! 
I remember eating Hot Cross Buns every year since I was a little girl.  Who first created these and why? I found this fun article by Rachel Nuwer at the Smithsonian Magazine that goes in depth about the history and mystique Hot Cross Buns offer. These revered Buns go back in history many centuries to Greece.  A twelfth century Monk is the one who added a mark on top of this sweet dough balls with raisins to resemble a cross (it wasn't icing as it is today).

Yes there are many superstitions about these Buns too.  As historical stories go, these Buns protect you from evil spirits, help you make lasting friendships, and they are too sacred to eat just any old day. 

I really can’t argue against any of the above superstitions because of what I have found from my prior trips. I always have good luck finding new friends and adventures. And, I have been safe on each trip.  –just saying   

Of course I recommend buying these Garlic Cheese Twists too.  They remind me of breads I find in Germany. 

Yum! Save me some Garlic Cheese Twists at Gayle's Bakery

What stories do you know about these Hot Cross Buns?

Happy Easter!  The Fun Tour Guru

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