Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Santa Cruz, CA: Surfing Hot Spot

I like the ocean. Let me rephrase this. I am an ocean addict. When I look back at my personal day trips around the San Francisco bay area, I find one trip that I frequent every few months, year after year.

What is my favorite region? Every trip is special. I always find one feature that pulls at me. There is one place I consistently return to every few months.

I like to walk and watch the surfers along Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, CA

Reasons why I enjoy:

  • Up close – I stand on the cliff edge (behind the fence) that is immediately above where the surfers gather in the water to practice. This is where the Monterey Bay reaches the Pacific Ocean.
  • Easy access – I drive my own car and park in one the many parking areas on Cliff Drive. If I am lucky, I get a parking place by the Surfer Museum Lighthouse. I advise leaving before 8 am during the summer months to avoid traffic and leave early afternoon around 1 pm. (or make advance hotel reservations and spend the night)
  • Free – So far, knock on wood, it is free to park and walk. 
  • It is a great place to stop and talk with people. I find people from everywhere around the world because of the fabulous vista point. And, I like the fun stories from the local surfers too.

I know my family in Central USA might think I am nuts that I spend most of my leisure time watching these surfers at this vista point. Perhaps they tire of my surfers pictures that I keep posting every year. When I go I find something different - weather, people, events. The wind was blowing so much on this day I took the video that it was difficult to hold my camera.

This is where I relax and an escape. Is it because I grew up in the middle of USA without the ocean? I enjoyed going to lakes, the ocean is different. The vast, endless body of water without a shoreline across from you – the unknown surprise of what it brings to you.

I love watching this water sport. I admit I am not interested in participating, I am a spectator. Surfers are independent, they watch and decide which waves to ride and pass, yet they are social with their friends while they wait.

I share videos and pictures on Instagram, this video is one of my top two posts with views and likes.

What makes you want to engage with this video? 

Surf History

Wait for the Right Waves!
 This is a picture from my Instagram feed:

Santa Cruz, CA - Bay meets Ocean

Watching the surfers along Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, CA, my favorite escape ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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