Saturday, May 11, 2019

Boulder Creek CA Santa Cruz Mountains

Downtown Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz Mountains

This was a quick drive into the mountains away from Silicon Valley for few hours.  

Stop for tasty food and visit with friends at Scopazzi Restaurant which dates back to about 1910 after the 1906 earthquake as a boardinghouse for loggers to stay to rebuild San Francisco founded by A.M. Locatelli.   

My insider tip:  Relax and eat in the bar area and enjoy the beautiful antique wooden bar and fun scene.   

Known for pots of spaghetti sauce bubbling ever since.  John Scopazzi operated the restaurant from 1955 to 1986.  Notes from the article, Scopazzi’s Was Built Log at a Time, By Karola Saekel, SFGate, May 5, 1999

~The Fun Tour Guru

30 Minutes away in Boulder Creek, CA - Picture credit Donna W
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Santa Cruz Mountain Adventures By MeetDonnaW ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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