Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ideas for Travelers to Remember Prescott & Scottsdale, Arizona

"You may find some real valuable 'gems' tucked away in hills;
when you take a day & explore not on your itinerary."

Ninth Commandment for All Travelers

IX. Thou canst be welcome in every land. Treat thy host with respect and thou shalt be an honored guest. 

My valuable gems this year was the community spirit of Prescott, a couple of hours north of the friendly Scottsdale, AZ.  The power of Twitter is when you actual-ly get to meet your new Twitter friends in person.  Both towns, Scottsdale and Prescott in Arizona is where I honestly discovered a community spirit within these areas. You don't have to go far, far away to see a different way of life.  To drive down that brand new road unfamiliar to you.... what a great feeling!  

I found friends, the best food, interesting museums, and learned something new; on a short vacation getaway.  Travel with me in 2010 ~ The FunTourGuru 

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