Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tips for Travelers - Start a vacation savings now $20 per week.

"Howdy partner, great shoppin, eatin, hikin, and tourin, right here in sunny Arizona"

Eighth Commandment for All Travelers

VIII.  “Thou shalt carry Thy own Country’s Passport with thee at all times in a safe place, NOR shall ye pack it in thy suitcase, for it is said that a man without a Passport is a man without a country.”

Start planning your vacation now.  There are many deals available to you by planning ahead.  We may not be able to afford as many vacations right now, as many of us are still searching for work or getting back on our feet again. 

As you start working again, remember this tip and set aside $20 in the cookie jar every week, it will accumulate for that ONE special vacation you want next year.

Get ideas for independent vacations to Europe and USA using the web tool on our website and call us to help with planning.  Let's go!

~ Start Planning & Have Fun! The FunTourGuru

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