Thursday, September 23, 2010

San Francisco Attraction - What is this?

Yesterday, I decided to take my own advice and stray off the beaten path instead of returning on the normal direction on the way home from San Francisco. I peeked down a couple of side streets and this building kept showing. So I turned the car around (safely) and headed back to the first street I passed.

This is the historical attraction which I discovered.  

San Francisco Attraction - What?

It is a landmark in San Francisco with (another) fabulous view.  Okay readers, this is your chance to tell me what and where this is?  I was able to drive up the road in front and took this picture from one of the side parking lots.  I imagine the crowds around it when it becomes occupied. 


It was a gorgeous fall day in San Francisco.  I admit that I missed my turn on the way home - instead of getting frustrated with this, I decided it was time to stop at the first exit (turning around) and get some delicious dinner at a favorite dining placewhich I do not get to frequent very much.

I read an article once this establishment has the best Fish &Chips. I agree.  If you don't have time to eat there, you may take the food with you.  The fish even has newspaper wrapped around it.  Tip: This is only one block away is yet another fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. Where? The sleepy little town of Pacifica.  Remember, Camelot!


This is what happens when you take 10 minutes and a different way home!  

Travel safe, its easy to explore ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

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  1. I shall have to remember what is the building?? We have been wanting to come to SF again, but with the toll bridges and the parking costs, then add in food and gas...well it has now been over 2 years! I miss going!

    Anyways, thanks for reading, thanks for the very kind comment, they mean the world to me!!

  2. A disclosure, I received emails off-line of friends who live in Pacifica asking me why I didn't I call them? Although there was no time and I was on my way to the south bay - now I know I have readers!

  3. That is the old Public Heath Service hospital in the Presidio. It is now been renovated and turned into an upscale apartment building.

  4. We have a winner ... although answered anonymously. Thanks! to this expert!


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