Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work and Play - Happy Hours Continue in San Jose CA for Consultants

I am still waiting for the correct answer to what the historical building is in my last post. Does anyone know? Shall we have a contest with a prize?

It is fun to return to a place and be the "guest" instead of working a meeting/event. It has been a lot of fun to share Happy Hours and Lunches with a group of consultants working from home this year.

Yes, more happy hours.  Networking is key as you work on projects, clients and business.

Happy Hour & Appetizers ~ Left Bank, Santana Row

This doesn't necessarily have to happen with formal meetings all of time.  And it doesn't have to be expensive. Go early for the early bird prices and you have the rest of the evening to finish what you were working on. 

I may have mentioned with Silicon Valley history, one item known is the connecting after work hours - it doesn't matter if you are with the same company.  It is surprising the fabulous information shared to help each other.  A small group of amazing people - some work directly for companies and some have unusual businesses. It is great to get away from the 'puter and keyboard and share about our projects.

September brought birthday celebrations as we returned to my favorite restaurant, Left Bank.  This is one active group as one consultant returned from her Emmy's Red Carpet excursion, one is in New York, one makes frequent trips to L.A. and one is getting ready for a 3 week vacation in Hawaii. We seem to always miss some as one was in Japan and one is working on an African project. 

It definitely peaks our interests of what may be on the horizon! Great times! Excellent service! Fun Happy Hours and meetings!

~ The Fun Tour Guru, remember creativity returns when you take a break from work!


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