Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Ask a #Tour #Professional?

Sometimes you have to return to places to verify if there are any changes. Great resources to ask are local #tour professionals in the region who may know about changes or even visit for you and find this out.

One place I recommend along the coast and you will find this is in many guidebooks, is to stop by Gayle's Bakery in Capitola-by-the-sea (5-10 minutes south of Santa Cruz).  
I stop to get a small snack to go of delicious items from desserts to breads (a fave is the Garlic Cheese Stick). You may also pick from yummy entrees, salads, and sandwiches. On weekends, it is crowded, they work quickly to assist everyone.  I enjoy browsing their daily specials and desserts if there is a wait. There is a sunny patio available to eat or you may take the food with you for munchies when on or relaxing next to the beach, while watching the surfers, or a on picnic during hikes.  And, take it home with you to enjoy later (& back to your hotel).  It is definitely a great stop and still really delicious #food. Drive on into to Capitola and find fun surprises.

I used to always stop and buy saltwater taffy on the Santa Cruz Wharf next to Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  The shops have changed and I didn't see the saltwater taffy anywhere. I am anxious to find out if this shop closed or just moved somewhere?

If you have minimum time, one "show" I recommend is to park your car along West Cliff Drive by the Lighthouse - Surf Museum and watch the surfers.  There are usually surfers everyday and sometimes you catch some great views.

And, this is free to watch these experts.

Lighthouse Surf Museum & surfers

I had fun getting acquainted with couple traveling from the east coast who were in town (San Francisco) for their daughter's sporting activity and exploring Northern California. It is so fun to hear about their stories of their days trips and experiences! And, I shared tips and stories with them which validated their own great experience on their journey. More new friends!

Sometimes we take for granted what is right around us, while we get so focused on our daily activities. 

Take time out & explore! You never know who you will meet or what you will see! ~ The Funtourguru, Follow me online or on a trip

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aqui Cali-Mex, Silicon Valley Lunch Restaurants

Sometimes you go out for adventure and don't always get the expected results.  Yet the adventure is successful. Why is this?

I went to a casual lunch yesterday with an group of Work from Home Consultants (of assorted professions) to a great restaurant in Campbell.  It is not a new restaurant, as the restaurant story started in 1994 (as stated on their website).
 And, the restaurant has different locations in Willow Glen, Blossom Valley and with Cupertino opening this month (March 2010).  When I browsed their menu online, many of their creations are unique, organic, and cater to diets like the 'gluten-free'. 

The restaurant is very accessible in downtown Campbell, with good amount of seating, and with the Saddle Bar (with Margaritas and Sangria) connected to it. Check their website for the awesome personal story behind opening the Saddle Bar.  It is a self-service restaurant where you order your own choice. They do have the daily special entrees available to pick from.  A variety of different salsas and sauces to choose is near where you pick up your entree. The special entrees are more expensive, there are affordable smaller choices - depending on your tastes.  

A couple of us ordered the Monday special,  Spinach & Artichokes Enchilada with Polenta, and neither of us had the particular taste for it. We agreed that it must have been the spice used in it.  We do (very much) want to return and try the many other menu items.  The burrito and tacos were very tasty.  The environment was casual and active - although you could linger at your table after lunch if you wanted too.  

Additionally, this was a successful lunch adventure, and fun to try new taste items.   During the warmer weather, there is seating at outside tables.  And, the Aqui Cali-Mex is open on weekends - I look forward to try some of their weekend menu tastes.  

Try it!  Aqui Cali-Mex, Downtown Campbell, on the main street, 201 E. Campbell Ave, (408) 374-2784  A great bistro - for something a little different.

Look for adventures by turning the corner, 
The Funtourguru

Have you been here?