Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NetApp Tech Rocks (Found) in Sunnyvale CA

This week in Silicon Valley ... south of Moffett Field, in Sunnyvale, CA

NetApp Technology rocks!

No, I am not talking about rockstars, although NetApp is consistent with earnings, growth, and open employee culture.

I walked around their campus and actually found these huge NetApp Technology rocks on each side of a walking path close to Building 1.  Look closely at the design stamped on the inside of the rocks. 

NetApp Technology Rocks in Sunnyvale, CA 

Sometimes I think people may become obsessed with two or three key technology companies that are always in the news ~ please remember these stories of several other companies - ones not in the headlines everyday, yet contribute to worldwide business everyday.

NetApp Technology

Of course , there are the other stories of the suppliers - pipeline to each of these companies - selling their goods and services to all of these key companies ~ this is the heartbeat of Silicon Valley.

NetApp in Sinnyvale CA

This company:  NetApp Technology
  • Founder: Dave Hitz
  • NetApp Technology, a public corporation, has an open employee culture and with solid revenues the past 7/8 years.  And they celebrated #6 Best Company to Work For 2012.  
  • In 1992, founder Dave Hitz writes the first storage operating system with WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout), improving storage performance and efficiency.

NetApp Technology - Walking through the rocks

What do they do?  They sell data management systems - I found a fun, non-techical description written on Dave Hitz's blog about what they really do. NetApp helps large organizations manage all of the data - information flowing around.  

Keep it simple for everyone in Silicon Valley ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

Images - Courtesy of DW, click and enlarge to see details.

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