Sunday, September 16, 2012

Santa Clara CA Art & Wine Festival: Behind the Scenes

My find ... the behind-the-scenes preparation is a lot of work.

Every year I set aside one weekend in September to go to this local festival on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, I am somewhat biased, as I reside in Santa Clara, I find this festival is a bit different because it takes place in our Central Park and not on Main Street, downtown.

Up goes my fave winery sign at the festival -DW
I really love this particular park because Central Park is 50 acres - with a creek running through the middle, a lake with fountains. two ball parks, tennis courts, bocce  ball, picnic areas, stage areas, and of course our world famous International Swim Center gains much attention. And, our fabulous main library is adjacent to the park.  Fun!

Artists set up at Festival - DW

This year I stumbled on the set up activities before the festival. I realize that I take this huge festival for granted. 

I forget about the preparation to bring festivals like this together.  All through the year, it is efforts from people like our city park and recreation officials, city organizers, local volunteers, and even the artists creating their goods for this - I am sure there are many more I need to include.

Stage ready for rockin bands - DW

The preparation of events like these is story in itself - our community coming together to ensure we have two days of this fun local gathering. I am glad I was able to view a small part of this preparation this year. Festivals like this - not just in Santa Clara, happen all through local communities across the world.

Volunteers patrol on bikes - DW

Hats off to all people, and especially the unidentified people who help, behind the scenes every year creating these experiences for us!

See you at this local festival ~~ The Fun Tour Guru

Yes, you may follow more of these set up festival pictures on Instragram, at meetdonnaw.  Please excuse the picture quality as they were taken from an iPhone at dusk. 

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