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Food for Thought, Frankfurt-Style, Germany

Food for Thought, Frankfurt-Style

I spent just a short time in Frankfurt, at the very beginning of my trip. December travel in Germany is popular due to the festive Christmas markets.

You will find the popular Weihnachtsmarkt in Frankfurt — one of the oldest in Germany. It started as a place where locals could purchase supplies for the winter, and was open only to people who lived in Frankfurt. The population in this modern city is about 650,000, slightly lower than the city of San Francisco, and is easy to navigate the streets.  The market is located in the city center near Römerberg, St. Paul's Square, Mainkai (Main Quay), Hauptwache, and Friedrich-Stoltze Square.

Special regional treats include Brenten, Bethmaennchen, and Quetschemaennchen — miniature candy figures and typical Frankfurt biscuits. Legend has it that suitors would send biscuits to the maidens they were fond of. If the maiden was interested, she would keep them; if not, she would return them. I guess I am interested in my suitors, as I always keep mine.

Frankfurter sausage, of course, is very popular and can be found throughout the market.  I love to taste each region's sausages.
Delicious Tastes
 My insider secret:  Two things to remember when traveling in December are the weather change and daylight hours. The days are short, so be sure to start early in the morning for sightseeing and enjoy the Weihnachtsmarkt in the evenings. I arranged my early days with cousins and friends for a small brunch.

German-Style Meal

This is one of the best meals I had in Frankfurt. It was at the popular city center coffeehouse restaurant. My group shared this large platter of meats, cheeses, and small bites like olives and fruit, complete with a basket of German rolls and breads to eat during our conversation. We were served champagne as well. Both the conversation and the delicious food were fantastic!

German Brot

It is no secret that I love breads — and bakeries, as you know from reading some of my stories. I like German brot, or breads, and this bread is different from other regions. My favorite type of bread is Brötchen, or bread rolls.

I don’t like bread that falls apart or gets soggy when eating sandwiches. I read that German breads are heartier and more stable than breads from other regions. The reason for this might be the climate, which is not conducive to the wheat production in Germany.  I do know that one slice of this good, hearty bread fills me up right up.

People still buy bread products from bakeries in Germany, and there are no typical brands. Even though you may request a sandwich, people don’t make sandwiches like we do in the USA. In Germany, the breads and rolls are typically eaten separately from other food items. And there are the most delicious cheeses, meats, eggs, and produce served on platters for lunch alongside German breads and rolls.

Frankfurt Sights

The Metropol Kaffeehaus am Dom is located across the street from the famous Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus), and not far away from the city center and the Weihnachtsmarkt. I enjoy combining holiday decorations and gifts from these markets with my own.

What is your favorite Frankfurt hideaway?  Tell us with your comments below. 

In addition to the meal itself, it is all about the conversation!  The Fun Tour Guru

Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus)
Market Merchants - Wooden
Merry Go Round
City Center
Another Frankfurt Taste
First German Beer! 

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What is your favorite Frankfurt hideaway? 

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