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Personalize Your Gift Ideas for Travelers

Personalize Your Gift Ideas

I like to personalize the gifts I give to people. I make these myself or if I am busy I have go-to artists to help.  I use my own pictures and small items like charms that I find on my trips to make these gifts.

Hint: It is smart to purchase these products for personal use from different artists throughout the year and see the products and get acquainted with the artists.  These artists get to know my style when I have a special request of them. 

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This is my list of items I like to make. These artists I use are on I know I sometimes get overwhelmed with tedious searches, it is nice to share our favorite shops with each other. Let them know you found the information here!

Fun colorful luggage tags, make them personal with icons and pictures. I found these made with colorful fabric. This is a good way to personalize your own luggage, plus it is fun to see the decoration hanging from your bagsThe shop is Floridabaglady2 - ask about custom colors and size.

Affordable, creative jewelry is a great accessory when traveling.  Earrings and scarfs are my go to items to bring on my trips. We know we should keep our packing to a minimum – simple accessories like earrings and scarfs do not take up room – pack them in your shoes – and they change our appearance with excitement to the outfits we travel with.

I wanted new earrings with passports charms and green beads – I emailed one artist I frequently use and this is the result. This shop is Murphys Beads and More.

I found Pat Boyds Creations, an artist who makes items that are repurposed and recycled. I bought earrings made from recycled maps – these are cool and lightweight!

These Vintage sun glasses decorated artistic pops of paint color on the front are unusual and one of my own favorites.  

I love to send and receive photo books and cards from people. This is a quick glimpse of telling our individual stories. Yes, we all share social media, these books are great to keep and add flavor to your coffee tables.  Keep the cards in a basket to look through.  There are many sources to use – my favorite is Shutterfly. This is my card from last year.  

More Ideas:

Laptop Locks are fabulous gifts we all use and helps keep your laptop safe if you are in need to step away from your work for a few minutes after we drink all those beverages to stay hydrated. I like to use the locks with keys.

I love my small black travel pouch that I even carry every day.  The one I use is aRoyal Traveller by Samsonite Small Black Canvas 6 in Travel Pouch with Strap” which I carry at home. It is convenient when going to sports stadiums and concerts where you cannot take a larger bag. 

Hint: Look for pouches with zippers on all of the inside pockets and where you keep your paper money. Mine even has a clip on the bottom. 

These ideas may be used for all occasions.  What gifts do you make?

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Busy making gifts between my trips! The Fun Tour Guru

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