Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Week Remaining in 2011, What Will You Do?

I am in slow motion today, yet I want to publish this before Christmas Day.  

This week I have some extra time and I started my search of something to do over the holidays.  I missed the opportunity of taking a trip because of my focus with my full time work. I am grateful to have this modest income now, with work selling to groups which I really enjoy, and it is even with a great company.
Now, I sit in my chair staring at my blank monitor. I am trying to think of what to do on this last week of the year, 2011. Yes, I admit, the Fun Tour Guru who shares fun things to do off the beaten path is blank.  

I start scrolling through several of my favorite articles and websites. I search through many different local organizations for gatherings, to no avail. I don’t feel the charge I used to have as I read through traditional holiday happenings or with chances of getting free tickets this year.  I keep looking. 

I remember the things I found to share with my readers this year like one-time events to electric cars on our streets.

Yes, Another California Sunset and Kites Flying in the Distance
I was able to share our California sunset with my brother and his wife after spotting whales in Monterey Bay.

I have had fun stepping outside the box and sharing news of events which I don’t usually partake of.  I may not be an “avid” fan of everything I see and do, (yes, I used that infamous word writers hate) it was very fascinating to spend time around these unusual events for one day. I found the Annieglass Art Studio in Watsonville, new wineries, and mingled with the Santa Cruz Mayor and public during the Classic Woodies event. As a volunteer, I drove guests in miniature GoCars through San Francisco who were in town for the International Pow Wow (US Travel Association) after taking one of my own groups on a tour in March. (The crooks and curves of Lombard Street will never be the same!)

Favorite posts of mine last year ~ How to Travel to other Local Regions during the Off Season and sharing a Shortbread cookie recipe from Scotland . I had an impromptu introduction of a well known hospitality industry icon, CEO and Author, Chip Conley, whom (or is  it who) I follow.  And, I was inspired by and talked to Tory Johnson, at the Spark and Hustle LA event. It is never to late to start again.

How do I end this year? 

I finally find the website tugging at me.  And, it is a familiar one. Broadway San Jose. I read through the musical shows and there is one I have never seen and is in town next week.  Yes, when I used to volunteer as a regular on the SVCA (Concierge) Board, and we would receive tickets randomly, to different musicals.

This time it is different.  I clicked the button and purchased a ticket as a gift to myself to see CATS.  I remembered one of my friends telling me many years ago, "the benefit of buying a single ticket to shows is getting fantastic seats in the front rows of the theater." It is only 10 miles away in downtown San Jose.  Remember, you don’t talk to people during the show. You have friends to see during the intermission.  Pick an afternoon matinee to attend. And, go.

I purchased my ticket and will get to see Cats, as a ViP, in a front row seat.  This is a good tip for everyone,  as solo travelers, and you find old acquaintances to bump into or meet new people.  Practice going solo in your home town and when you make plans for your special long vacation trip next year, you will have some techniques worked out.

For me, it is not always about going on the most trips, or the cheapest, or even free items you might find.  Follow your instinct and choose something that intrigues you and purchase a gift to yourself. Save your money and treat yourself. This special item will be different for everyone. What will you DO on the last week of this year?

If you are in San Jose, will I see you at Cats next week?

Happy Holidays! And, Merry Christmas! ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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